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Xavier's story

Xavier Kitchin is a 3 year old boy who is currently travelling the unknown journey of being undiagnosed. Since birth Xavier has had a list of problems, he was born with breathing difficulties, PDA, VSD, bilateral choroid plexus cysts (brain), silent aspiration, feeding difficulties, hydronephrosis of the left kidney to name a few. Xavier spent his first 2 months of life between 3 different hospitals (Launceston, Hobart and The Royal Children’s Melbourne). Xavier is currently still being reviewed by genetics but a diagnosis as yet, has not become clear. Some of the things Xavier’s is battling are;

  • Oxygen therapy (when sleeping) still don’t really know a cause for this
  • Undescended testes
  • Significant global developmental delays
  • Speech delays
  • Food intolerances – several
  • Low thyroid (T4)
  • Mild hearing loss (still under review)
  • Left eye squint

With all that Xavier is a happy cheeky little boy who is slowly progressing at his own pace and doing things in his own time. We visit specialists on a regular basis and attend therapies to give Xavier the best possible chance.

We could write a novel detailed with his journey so far so that’s why we have decided to start this page to have it all to look back on and keep family up to date with progress. One day I hold hope that Xavier will get a diagnosis and we can better manage a plan for his future.

Jeffrey & Rebecca Kitchin – 2014
Xavier’s Mum and Dad

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