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About SWAN Australia

SWAN Australia supports families who have a child with an undiagnosed or rare genetic condition. SWAN aims to increase awareness and understanding of the impact and prevalence of undiagnosed genetic conditions within the wider community. We provide information and emotional support to families to assist them with establishing enduring mutually supportive relationships. We want to limit the isolation and the negative social, emotional and financial impacts experienced by families.

We advocate for further funding into genetic research, so that more testing is available, turnaround time on testing is decreased and more accurate results are achieved. We strive to obtain better resources and pathways for our children without a diagnosis in the future.

We support and provide information to parents, carers and friends of people affected by an undiagnosed genetic condition or rare disease for which there is no support group. SWAN Australia was established to fill a void in the genetic support group sector. It is our aim to to assist parents/carers on their unknown genetic journey and advocate for change with them.

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