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Meet our SWAN team

Heather is the founder and CEO of SWAN Australia. Heather’s daughter is her inspiration which fuels her¬†passionate to continue to support and advocate for SWAN families.

Heather is a member of the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance Community Advisory Group, and the Australian Genomics Working Group, Genomics in the Community, the University of Technology Sydney, Genetic Counselling Curriculum Advisory Group, and a board member of Children and Young People with Disability Australia. She is a moderator for both the FOXP1 and undiagnosed communities.

Liz has worked in the community sector for over 35 years, largely in the disability sector where she has developed exceptional leadership and management skills through experience and education. Liz has worked as a strategic project a manger, group facilitator and held various deputy CEO and CEO not for profit roles. Liz has chaired numerous not for profit boards and is very experienced in governance./p>

John has had over 25 years leadership in large, high transaction, complex, geographically dispersed and complex business and industries from Financial Services, Loyalty Programs, Payment Solutions and Cash Management across private and government, listed and unlisted, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Multi-National Corporations (MNCs).

Currently at Westpac as Regional General Manager in the Consumer division, John manages 100+ staff across all aspects of business performance, operations, compliance and service quality. John is looking forward to assisting SWAN with their financial transactions and budgets.

Melanie has over 10 years governance experience on disability boards. Melanie worked as a project manager for the department of health projects team. Melanie has worked as a research fellow at Monash University and has had her research published. Melanie has been involved with writing a number of health and disability grants and currently works as a nurse and health care provider.

Nicole has over 4 years governance experience on disability boards. Nicole has over 15 years policy experience across the health and disability sectors, including Cancer Council, Glaxo Smith Kline consumer health care and Amaze (autism not for profit). Prior to that Nicole worked as a lawyer, specialising in refugee law.

Rhiana is a Victorian based genetic counsellor working primarily in the cancer and general genetics settings. Rhiana has been a member of the SWAN committee since 2016. Rhiana hopes that her experiences working in genetics will assist her in supporting SWAN families by providing information and insight into genetics and genetic testing as well as ongoing support through their journey.

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