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Vision and Mission


Our Vision

SWAN Australia’s vision is to see our families supported and empowered to raise their children with the best care possible, so that they are provided with the opportunity to reach their full potential. It is our families’ hope that their children currently living without a diagnosis receive one, as we know that a diagnosis leads to better outcomes and treatment plans for the individual.

Our Mission Statement

To support parents/carers of all children living without diagnosis for their child’s genetic condition or those whose child has a rare condition


Empower parents to ask about new genetic testing and services for their children. And encouraged them to raise awareness of genetic conditions among the broader community.

Collaborate with geneticists, maternal health nurses, genetic counsellors, paediatricians health professionals and likeminded organisations to support SWAN families.

Advocate for better resources and pathways and optimal support services. Services and support shouldn’t be allocated on the basis of diagnosis. We advocate for increased funding for genetic research so more testing is available, decreased testing turnaround times and more accurate results are obtained.

Influence Governments to hear our voice and deliver an ongoing commitment for genetic research and testing funded by Medicare.

Educate teachers, service providers, governments and medical experts about the struggles SWAN families may face and how best to support them.

Support parents via networks so that they can in turn support each other, and offer a range of seminars so parents can understand services and support structures for which they can draw on to best support their child.

Provide parents with support (including emotional support) and information over the phone and through face to face meetings.

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