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Do you want to work as a Volunteer at Syndromes Without A Name Australia? If you would like to assist in any capacity be it big or small please contact SWAN. Australia

Do you want to volunteer for an event. Every year in March, SWAN Australia celebrates “Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day”. The day brings the wider community together in raising awareness of the large number of children living without a diagnosis for their genetic condition. We welcome new and regular volunteers to this event to ensure the day is a success. If you would like to volunteer please email: or telephone: 0404 280 441.

Do you have some spare time and would like to give back to the community. SWAN Australia would welcome you to volunteer for their committee of management. If you have skills in the area of IT, law, finance, event management or just want to lend a hand, we would appreciate your help. Please email or telephone: 0404 280 441.

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