Amelia Riccobono

Australian National powerlifter and mother of two boys, Amelia Riccobono has graced us with this lovely Portrait of Archie.

Amelia is a self-taught artist who loves to draw in her spare time using primarily graphite pencils.

The experience of hardships in Amelia’s life during 2019 meant giving back was a priority.

‘Giving back was a truly fulfilling experience. I wanted to bring a smile to a child and their family in a difficult time. Thank you for allowing me to do that.’

Ros Melling

The first time Archie smiled after he collapsed, I knew my little boy was still in there!

Overnight, our little boy went from a regular little guy to starting the fight of his life. Quadriplegic, non-verbal, movement disorder and being PEG fed were his new normal.

We were told so little of Archie’s condition, nothing was positive, no treatment, no cure!

However, when I see his little face, I only see hope to change that path. We want to create awareness, to show so much more than the disability, to share his joy!

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