April McPhillips

April was born and raised in Northern Kentucky, USA. She has always enjoyed art and drawing ever since she was a child. April considers herself an amateur artist who loves to experiment with pencil, white lead on black paper and various mediums such as scratchboards to help improve her skill.

As a mother of four children and one with special needs, April empathises with the SWAN families.

Art for April is her happy place where she can forget about the stresses of daily life and feel free and enjoy her love for art.

Creating art for people brings April an incredible amount of joy when she sees their faces receiving her original work.

‘I am so thankful to be able to be a part of SWAN Portraits and to see a sweet little face smiling back at me.’

Renee Drysdale

I am mum to a beautiful SWAN boy Spencer.

Spencer has an undiagnosed craniofacial syndrome causing left coronal craniosynostosis, cognitive delay and severe global development delay.

He is 2 years old and has just started rolling and scooting around on his back. He is unable to sit or stand unassisted.

Despite everything he is the happiest boy I’ve ever met. Loves laughing at his big sister and being outdoors. It’s hard to keep the smile off his face.

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