Chelsea Clark

Chelsea Clark is an artist and elementary art educator from southern New Jersey. She is most known for her graphite portraits of people and animals. She also enjoys experimenting with colour using acrylics and enjoys painting landscapes.

When she is not drawing or teaching her elementary students, she enjoys teaching adult acrylic painting classes for beginners.

Chelsea’s work has been shown in many local art galleries, and she has contributed to many fundraisers and other events.


More of Chelsea’s work can be viewed on her Facebook page.

Adele Kirkby

My youngest son battles more battles every day than most people endure in ten lifetimes. He seizes frequently, his body doesn’t do what he tells it to do, he can’t see, eat or move as we do, he is often in pain, but he never gives up.

He has the biggest heart and the biggest brightest smile you have ever seen. His superpower is when he smiles the whole world smiles with him.

I would love to have him included in the project and show the beauty of our rare.

Sadly Zayden has passed away.

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