Cheryl Hart is a Gold Coast-based Intuitive Artist known for her beautiful ethereal artworks featuring angelic, animals and angelically inspired themes.

Cheryl studied Business and Accounting at University, followed by a 20-year career in finance. She discovered a calling to explore painting in her late 20’s and hasn’t stopped painting since.

As a mother of two young adult children, participating in the SWAN Portraits project was a way of sharing her love for art.

She captured the essence of Jax in a mixed media piece using watercolour and pencil.

‘I loved working on the sketch of Jax. I couldn’t help but smile each time I sat to work on his piece. His smile warmed the depths of my heart. He is just gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this beautiful project.’


More of Cheryl’s work can be viewed on her website.

Carly Edwards

Jax is an amazing three year old boy. Jax has no diagnosis and is a puzzle. Jax cannot walk, but has wheels.

Jax cannot see but has touch and sound. You can see Jax thinking with his eyes.

No one knows just how long Jax has on this planet. However, he touches the heart of every single person that has the pleasure of meeting him.

Although a diagnosis means nothing to us and would simply be a name, if it helps another family from living their lives guessing what the future holds, we hope for a diagnosis.

Sadly Jax has passed away.

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