Chris Brimble

A married father of two, Chris Brimble works for an aid organisation that aims to provide better

livelihoods for Pacific Island people specialising in graphic design.

‘I think it is up to us to each decide what life’s purpose is. My life goal is to try to create beauty. I want to try to leave this universe a more beautiful place than when I found it. This beauty can be anywhere, it can be a canvas on the wall, the grateful smile of a stranger, or in the hearts of my daughters as they grow up.’

Abbey’s painting was Chris’s second portrait.

‘There are many reasons why I painted it. Firstly, because she is a very beautiful subject. Her expression really captured my attention. Abbey doesn’t talk so I find myself wondering what she is thinking about. Also, I love the strong, bright, beach light – I think strong contrasts in tone really catch the eye.’

Chris’s painting is an expression of the love for his brother Richard, who is Abbey’s father.

‘Richard and Nichole are amazing parents who seem to be able to meet any challenge with enough competency and grace that sometimes I forget how difficult it must be.’

Chris hopes that the SWAN Portraits initiative will bring smiles and joy to all the families involved.

More of Chris’s work can be viewed on his website.

Nichole and Richard Brimble

With the painting of Abbey’s picture, we want everyone to see what we see – a beautiful girl enjoying the sunshine and waves at the beach. A teenager who is cheeky and funny.

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