Six months ago, Crystal Lina decided to use skills and pay it forward and to create a butterfly effect of kindness.

Earlier in the year, she had met a beautiful lady, Kat Barlow who’s son Noah had a very rare version of mitochondrial disease. In fact, it is so rare he was the only known person in the world with it.

Having been inspired by Noah’s story, Kat, Heather and Crystal founded the SWAN Portraits.

SWAN stands for Syndromes Without A Name.

The idea was to gather a group of artists and create portraits of children with rare genetic disorders—some children are now angels and others who will go forth to live their lives.

The most inspirational part is now Crystal receiving portraits from around the world that will be gifted to these courageous children and their families.

More of Crystal’s work can be viewed on her Facebook page or Instagram account.

Susie Pybus

I wanted this portrait of Jai….To capture and reflect how he sees the world – through his innocent and endearing eyes and smile. It is through him that we (Rowan and Suzie) now see, hear, feel and live. “Life is not always going to go as you had planned. Tides change and things go in different directions. You can’t stop the waves from happening, but you can learn to move with them. They may not take you in the detection you had planned, but they will take you exactly where you are meant to be” (author unknown). 

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