D C Willans works as an Airbrush Artist, Graffiti Artist and Mural Artist in Sydney and commenced exhibiting his work at a young age.

He has an interest in painting animals and was inspired to paint the portrait of Vincent after having heard about the SWAN Portraits project.

More of D C’s work can be found on his website and Instagram account.

Michaela Exton

I am proud to introduce my son Vincent.

Vincent was born in May 2017, and very early on, we realised he wasn’t quite like other babies.

As supposed milestone dates passed by  Vincent, with no milestone achieved, nobody could tell us what was wrong with him. Vincent was a SWAN babe.

Vincent got his Whole Exome Sequencing done through the RCH and one of their research projects.

The result was a newly discovered and rare syndrome ZTTK, we’d wish for other SWAN babes get this opportunity and want to share our love of being different with the world.

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