Dougie Sharpe

Artist Dougie Sharpe lives in the small Scottish town of Sanquhar (pronounced Sankar). He is 42 years old and has been painting for six years.

Dougie started Art School at the University of the Highlands and Island in 2010 up in Inverness and Graduated with the Moray campus honours in 2016.

He hoped to get straight into his career at that time but unfortunately became ill in early 2017 and required a quintuple heart bypass in November the same year and ended up in a coma for a week.

Dougie pulled through with the support of his amazing wife Jess and the love of his family.

Dougie has four kids, Douglas 14, Erin 12, Edward 8 and Andrew, 7. Dougie’s wife and family remind him every day how much he has to live for.

Dougie chose to volunteer for this project as it really resonated with him. He loves to paint people and feels that everyone deserves to be adored for the personal beauty they possess.

Ruby’s photograph confirmed he had made the right choice. The joy in her face spoke to him, and he longs for everyone to experience that same feeling of being happy with who you are and what you have.

‘I really hope the family like what I have created, and I hope they see as much of Ruby in it as I do.’

Rebecca Glover

My daughter Ruby is a dear SWAN. With still no official diagnosis or prognosis (which we don’t really want anyway!)

The reason I would love to have my gorgeous girl as part of the project would be the fact that she has SO much to share with the world that there are not enough words to paint the beautiful picture of Rubystar. A portrait would say it all, as her eyes say it all.

Ruby is known as my RubyStar who has soared in to my life with such grace and beauty. She has come with purpose to teach people and in the midst of chaos has been a shining gem. I spend my days and nights advocating for Ruby, her sister Sophie and many other families walking a similar path.

Ruby has been present on earth for almost ten years now and what a story she has told. To now have an opportunity to be a part of a wider project and join forces with other earth angels making their own story – what an impact that will be!

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