Ian Madden is a from the North of England. A medium-sized town called Chester-le-street in the county of Durham. He has lived in that area all of his life.

Growing up in a small pit village called Grange villa, most families had very little, and Ian’s family was no exception. He and his friends entertained themselves by playing on the old coal heaps situated not far from the village.

Ian was a very active child and, as a result, often found it difficult to sleep at night. For that very reason, his mother bought him some pencils and handed him some wallpaper backing paper (not being able to afford the drawing pad as well as the pencils).

From the age of 13 years, he would quite often be up all night drawing until he started work at the age of 16. With work and then starting a family, Ian never touched a pencil again until he was aged 49.

Over the past nine years, he has rekindled his love of art, trying new mediums such as watercolour, coloured pencil, acrylic and lately oil.


More of Ian’s work can be viewed on his Facebook page.

Michelle Whitford

I am the Aunty of a very special SWAN child. My niece Izobel North will turn seven this year.

Izobel is such an amazing, beautiful, spirited person. She lights up the lives of those who are fortunate enough to know her.

Izobel can not speak with words, but she is always communicating with you through her facial expressions.

I would love to have a portrait done for my sister and brother in law of their daughter, my niece, Izobel.

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