Laura Sunqvist

Laura has been painting in watercolour for over 25 years. It has always been keen to take on new challenges. Laura is a Primary School teacher who paints every opportunity.

As a mother of two young boys, she was drawn to SWAN Portraits because it is a beautiful way to honour these special children.

Laura’s art brings joy, and she hopes it will bring joy to the family of this beautiful little girl.

Amelia Abouzeid

I love the idea of capturing the sparkle in Ella’s eyes. The beauty in the brokenness. Her beautifully perfect ‘imperfections’.

Ella is so funny, the looks she gives people, her seriousness, and her contagiousness. Her laugh, rare, yes, but so contagious and like bubbles hitting my heart. Her quirkinesses, and how expressive she is in her face!

As much as I would change the spot she’s in, I also want to freeze time. Because I won’t get this time back with her being this small. Time moves so fast and is so precious.

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