Olesiya Minder

‘Every face I’ve ever drawn has been uniquely beautiful. I love diving deeply into finding those tiny precious details and translating them onto paper, especially in kids portraits. Coupled with such a great cause, this seemed like an opportunity I could not pass by.’

Olesiya is a self-taught artist in St. Petersburg, Russia. Both of her parents were artists. She’s been drawing consistently since she was about three years old. Her passion for art was put on hold in 2010, when Ole became an OR nurse and was focused on her career.

About a year ago, she finally realised that she could no longer live without art and has been exploring different mediums and taking art classes to better her skills ever since.


More of Olesiya’s work can be viewed on her Facebook page and Instagram account.

Laura Atwell

Everyone is unique, and recognising our individual differences can be a powerful tool for change.

We are one of the lucky ones – access to state of the art trio genome sequencing was vital in finding Ivy’s rare genetic condition SCN8A.

Since the diagnosis, with improved targeted seizure medication and care, Ivy’s happy face and smiling eyes shine brighter every day. Every giggle and babble brings joy to those nearby and on her best days, we call our girl “Mighty Ivy”.

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