Rebecca Christian

Rebecca Christian was born and raised in the Scenic Rim, Queensland, Australia. She has always loved to draw and loves children, so when the opportunity came up to combine the two, she jumped at the chance.

Rebecca is a self-taught artist and mainly works in graphite and watercolour but loves to experiment with all mediums. She has four boys and homeschool’s them, which means she only gets to invest in her art on a limited basis but wouldn’t change this for

the world.

‘Drawing my SWAN child, Rebecca has been such a joy and privilege. Each life is so precious, and this has been a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Rebecca’s life and honour her.’


More of Rebecca’s work can be viewed on her Facebook page.

Heather Renton

Rebecca was my inspiration for founding SWAN Australia. Without learning from Rebecca what to truly value in life – health, friendship and love, SWAN would not exist.

The SWAN Portraits project was such a wonderful opportunity to showcase our SWAN children, how could I not take part.

Many thanks to Crystal and Kat for their inspiration in setting up the SWAN Portraits Project.

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