Painting has always given Sharon a sense of accomplishment, so after seeing ‘The SWAN Portraits’ on Facebook, she decided she wanted to make someone happy.

‘It’s a win-win! You give enjoyment, and you receive enjoyment.’

Sharon has been painting for as long as she can remember, but on a serious level for ten years. Her preferred medium is acrylic on stretched canvas, but she paints with watercolour paints and pencils on textured cards.

Her favourite subjects are portraits, landscapes and abstracts. However, her artistic talent has to fit in around her working full time in the print industry.

More of Sharyn’s work can be viewed on her Instagram page.

Whitney Ryan

My son Kasey is almost three, and despite everything he has been through in his life so far, he always manages to have a big smile on his face.

He may be non-verbal, but he has taught my family and me so much!

I would love for him to be a part of this project to show everyone how beautiful my little boy is and raise more awareness for SWAN children.


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