Tammy is a full-time Melbourne based vegan tattoo artist and illustrator. Tammy has been tattooing for almost 20 years and drawing for as long as she can remember.

Tammy is very passionate about animal rights and spreads her message through tattoo art and by donating her illustrations to various charities and events.

‘It was a pleasure to draw sweet Caelan and be a part of SWAN Portraits.’

Kristie Tatton

He looks like any child his age. Maybe a little shorter, maybe a little clumsier. But most people wouldn’t know he was a SWAN boy.

When they look into his eyes, though, they see it. They see the otherworldly child. The iridescence within his irises is magical and captivating.

Everyone is drawn in by the eyes. They can’t help but say something. “His eyes!” they exclaim.

Those eyes hide the nights of pain, the failure to thrive, the delays and deficits and a hundred hours of therapy. All hidden behind eyes that sparkle in the sunlight.

My magical warrior boy.

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