Veronica Goff

Veronica is a retired hairdresser who has been drawing and painting since 2016.

She began painting dogs in acrylics and moved on to portraits of people. She hopes to explore as many mediums as possible. At the moment, pastel pencils are her medium

of choice.

Coming into the artistic world later in life has encouraged her to ‘try it all!’

Veronica spends her retirement basking in the warmth of her family, especially her

grandchildren, and the comfort of her craft studio.

The SWAN Portraits project caught Veronica’s eye as she enjoys gifting people with paintings of their loved ones.

Renee and Steve

Damian’s rare epilepsy may have affected his ability to walk and talk, but it has never affected his ability to communicate the love and happiness he brings to the world via his amazing smile.

This is the most priceless piece of art we could ever wish for, and we would love to have Damian’s portrait captured by an amazing artist.

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